ONEFEAT & Tv Show Time- Best Iphone Appli

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I know, nothing to see with Fashion!!! But I had to upload this post!!!

For those you have the chance to own an Iphone/Android – Download these Appli OneFeat and TvSHow Time

  • What: Startups
  • Who?: Le Camping (link) is a project created by the association of Silicon Sentier, bringing together startups the greater Parisian area
  • Where?: Paris
  • When?: 3 months to Kick Off – 3 Months to grow internationally

This Info was taken form the websites



  1. Choose the mission

    Select a mission from the thousands available or create one you want the whole world to achieve.

  2. Do the Feat

    Take the greatest photo ever to complete the mission.

  3. Share the greatness

    The more people like your feat, the more points you earn! Compete with the world, build your own destiny and get to the next level.

  4. With each Mission you earn points… Challenge your friends… It’s Very Fun…

Tv Show Time

TvShow Time notifies you when a new episode of your favorite shows is available. You won’t miss an episode again. Also, TvShow Time will help you to remember what was the last episode you’ve seen! Tv shows are easy to watch again! No need to write it down or create an excel file as I used to do!!! this is just the best TvShow appli ever!!!

Check out the Video

3 minutes to see what is Le Camping

Are you gonna download it?


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